Creating Innovative culture with
more productive and engaged teams.

The best way to improve employee engagement and
Create a winning culture to achieve goals of the organization.

High employee turnover increases the expenses of companies and also has a negative impact on the organization’s morale.

Vite Biz Inc has launched an artificial intelligence based employee engagement softwar, professional development & innovation platform that will recommend learning opportunities, apply on real life problems, improve innovations, measure impact, showcase it and receive feedback from employees and employers on a constant basis.

This approach will lead to the optimization of your company’s strategic goals, employees’ professional goals, and more.

Employees Engagement Software

Innovative Work Culture

Create innovative culture with new learning and development opportunities.

Employees performance

Engaged Teams

Create an ideal environment for your entire workforce.

Employees Learning and Development

High Performance

Measure change with high performing teams and adapt rapid growth.

Employees Engagement

Employee Retention strategy

Professional development is an effective retention strategy.

Increase employee retention by providing well deserved tool

Vite will be dedicated to delivering superb experiences through high quality solutions that contribute to employee engagement and benefit your company.

How to create an innovative culture in your organization


Align learning opportunities to company and employees' goals

Motivational Support

Innovation the core of what you need to learn aligned with allotted budget from company


Applying it to real-world situations immediately with measurable impacts


Receiving immediate feedback and refining your understanding

Hassle-free access of the platform

Course providers and event organizers

Reach to your audiences easily

On approval, your courses, listed on Vite, become instantly visible and accessible to millions of learners with matching interests and skills. Create your profile and reach to thousands of employees who are looking for courses and events offered by your organization.

Vite Biz

No Hidden Fees

Free course listing. No restrictions on the number of courses you list.

Vite Biz

Reach Millions

An easy, fast and effective way for more global reach with geolocation reach.

Vite Biz

AI Powered

Receive a personalized communication and recommendation from our AI engine.

Vite Biz


What People Say

Vite Biz has really helped our company throughout the years. We are using it with our engineers, architects and designers with multi locations which helps us to stay competitive.

Model Engineering

Employees performance 360 degree
Vite Biz

I am happy to recommend to you the high-quality platform of Vite biz. It helps engage employees with a focus on learning and removing all other planning obstacles. The prices are also very reasonable compared to other providers in the market.

Project Central

Vite Biz
Vite Biz

I have worked hand in hand with Vite biz to assist us with numerous services including employee engagement activities, performance 360 reports, Learning and development of employees. At no one time have they failed me.

Varun Patel

Coreway Solution
Vite Biz happy customer

Some of our happy customers

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