Employee Retention Software

Flexible Learning Platforms Based on Next Generation Professional Development.

Capturing Skills and Interests Data

Vite captures skills data and interests from a variety of sources such as a CV, Linkedin or employee can also add that. Helps to process machine learning capabilities for advanced courses or events suggestions. And it will helpful in innovative employee retention strategies.

Employee Retention Software
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Customise Recommandations

Vite compares employees' skills and interests with the purpose and vision of the company and therefore recommends courses or events that help to learn new things and achieve the company's goals together. And also evaluate employee performance and vite is best fit for employee retention strategies.

Book a Course or an Event

Vite examines the budget allocated to the employee for learning and development work. It helps employees to book the course they want to sign up for and the Staff Calendar is blocked according to the schedule.

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Auto Approval and Engagement

Vite assists HR to automatically approve courses within their assigned budget. Even HR or managers can invite other employees to certain courses or events so that they can easily register. Vite is leading employee performance management software.

Key metrics to measure impacts

A simple and consistent guide to the steps or steps you should take as the process progresses. Each question in Vite Surveys is linked to one of 10 factors identified as having a significant impact on team engagement.

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Impact Assessment for HR Manager

Impact assessment for Human Resources Managers to allow these professionals to have access to information, such as employee’s learning performance, course attendance, engagement, feedback, and happiness level. By providing and measuring feedback at every stage of the learning process, the platform contribute s to improved communication during performance appraisals. Automated employee surveys.

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