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How To Become A More Productive Manager

We have compiled a list of our favorite productivity hacks that are both highly effective and easy to implement in no time. Now become more productive manager.

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How NEA Achieved A 95% Retention Rate For 3 Consecutive Years

NEA’s employee engagement framework, therefore, focuses on delivering an authentic and compelling experience to its employees, and has been ramped up over the years to boost staff engagement levels.

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Sample of questions for employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement survey questions are crucial for improving employees performance, satisfaction and reducing company’s turnover rate.

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vite biz resources

Select from our library of research-backed engagement and deep dive surveys designed by organizational psychologists and data scientists. Use them not designed or modified to include our latest questions on employee wellbeing,aggregation and inclusion, and change readiness.

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vite biz resources page

Who doesn’t love a cake or chocolate on the birthday (or work anniversary) from a manager or colleague? With our “We are one team by Vite” employee recognition software, employees can simply check a colleague’s special day and wish them on that special day. Instant peer recognition improves team communication while boosting morale.

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vite biz employee performance

Executives, directors, and managers are constantly seeking ways to gain visibility into every detail of their business from the people they lead. The feedback and employee performance metrics collected in Vite can be viewed, responded to, passed up the ladder, sorted, and analyzed for trends that can improve performance management strategies.

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happy work culture

Best-Self expenses upload can all be easily managed and tracked from one beautifully designed dashboard. HR can view company-wide expenses, send reminders, and drill-down into every expense review. Managers and employees can see their progress and also nudge someone to complete their expense sheet on time.

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vite biz partners

Vite work logs and reports in the cloud will enable you to monitor and improve your teams' productivity. See who's working, on what. Enhance security and streamline communication with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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employee performance evaluation

You can’t be a good boss, teammate, friend, or spouse without first taking care of yourself. And we’re not the only ones. More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that for every dollar invested in wellness, companies average a return of $2.71 by way of increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced healthcare cost.

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