Create A Happy Culture With High-Performers

Employees Engagement Software

Communicate with your team

Vite provides access to information every day on company news, events, announcements, policy changes, and updates with the activity feeds.

Employees Engagement Software

Boost Employee Engagement

Communicate how everyone can contribute positively to company culture, mission, vision, and goals.

Employees Engagement Software

Connect Everyone With Periodic Surveys

Automated employee surveys for each lifecycle milestone and employee engagement strategies.

Employees Engagement Software

Analyze Results and improve engagement metrics

Get the insights you need to help your employees stay healthy and engaged.

Engagement surveys

With the help of conversational employee surveys, Vite helps you to discover real-time actionable insights. Know the exact areas where you need to focus your efforts to increase employee engagement. Create custom surveys with specific feedback questions from employees about specific projects or initiatives.

Engagement surveys
Engage Employees’ Conversations

Engage Employees’ Conversations

Vite provides engagement feeds to share information every day on company news, events like birthdays and work anniversaries, announcements, policy changes, and health updates with the activity feed. Employees can engage others by posting, reading, or commenting on company’s social feeds.

Employee Helpdesk

Let your employees raise query or concern anonymously and company can resolve it. Give your employees automated updates without knowing their names and identity about issues and complains they raised.

Communicate how everyone can contribute positively to company culture, mission, vision, and goals with pre build 500+ Survey Templates

Select from our library of research-backed engagement and deep dive surveys designed by organizational psychologists and data scientists.

Employee Helpdesk
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Happiness Inputs

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Create a Happy Culture With


We want to be your human insights partner! By combining academic research with real-time data we fully understand the global drivers behind happiness and engagement. We create human-led organizations with a thriving culture, so our users never compromise between work and happiness. We have the tools and insights to visualize the evolving cultural health of your organization.

Company also requests that they bring real-world projects to workshops so that employees can apply what’s learned in real-time, shorten the feedback loop, deliver business outcomes, and encourage “intrapreneur ” culture.