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Working smarter: 3 strategies for improving business productivity

1. Use technology to improve your operations

Web-based technologies enable you to dramatically improve how you run your business. You’re a good candidate if you’re looking to increase market share, aggressively pursue cost reduction or greater efficiency, or prevent customer-service problems.

2. Review your existing setup

Look at your processes from the point of view of a potential investor. Keep in mind the overall objective and vision of the business, and ensure the processes meet those goals and add value. Draw an accurate map of each process in your material and information flow. By doing this, you can better understand the links between various elements of your production, and you will be better equipped to identify and eliminate waste throughout your company.

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3. Implement a continuous improvement approach

Improving productivity is an ongoing activity. Here are some suggestions for setting up a continuous improvement plan:

  • Start by assessing the competition and the best practices in your industry, also known as benchmarking. But don’t copy plans of other businesses—develop one that works for your company.
  • Get external help to assess your business weaknesses and strengths. This gives you an objective viewpoint from which you can improve productivity and redesign processes.
    • Take a step-by-step approach rather than tackling everything at once. Focusing on a few priorities will enable you to see results faster.
    • Assign specific teams to specific problems or processes for redesign.
    • Put a formal suggestion system in place for employees.
    • Look for breakthrough accomplishments. Small improvements can transform into major increases in productivity.
    • Measure your results. Ideally, this should be done by an objective outside party.

Source : BDC