How empowered do you feel to make a difference? How well is your performance supported by the organisation? How clear is the link between your work, team priorities and the business’ direction?

The Happiness Index makes available three options around anonymity.

First, an organisation can decide to make everybody anonymous. This option is usually chosen “on the belief that if somebody is anonymous, then they are more likely to offer an honest feedback.”

Another way of using the tool is by making all the respondents being known. This alternative relies on trust. “It is about the employees trusting the company to use the given information in the right way.” This means not using the data against the individual, but instead helping them achieve happiness at work.

The third choice is to let each employee decide whether they want to remain anonymous or not. “When the individual is providing their feedback they can say whether they want their responses showing their name.” Based on Latter’s experience, this is the most popular option among companies. One of the reasons for this is that it helps the organisation to build a buy-in attitude towards the survey.” Employees have not been dictated whether they are anonymous or not.”

Usually, Latter says, around 60% of employees are anonymous to start with. Then, once they understand how the company uses that information, many of them often change their minds and are willing for the company to know who they are. “So, a lot is around how the company positions the survey. But also, it is about creating the right environment to feel safe to speak the truth.”

Do you have any idea of what your Company Happiness Index really is right now?

Would you find or improve it out if you knew that this Corporate Happiness Index is directly related to vital areas of business;

• Employee engagement levels
• Staff satisfaction levels
• Time on task – productivity levels
• Resilience & Positivity
• Absenteeism levels
• Performance; Talent & Skills Application

People who are happiest at work report that they are 47% more on task than their least happy colleagues; in practical terms this equates to them putting in an extra 1.25 days a week as compared to the unhappiest employees. That’s a full 25% more productivity! So your Company Happiness index has HUGE value for leaders, managers and smart entrepreneurs.

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