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Can gaming at work make you more productive?

When other employees catch a glimpse of William Bauer playing video games instead of working, some think he’s wasting time.

But the 24-year-old who helps to head up US-based Royce Leather, his family’s accessories business, isn’t slacking off. The five-minute Angry Birds session helps him unwind and provides the kind of passive thinking time he needs to solve problems.

“It reawakens me,” said Bauer who typically plays a game on his cell phone during the afternoon lull.

William R

Long work hours — sometimes more than 100 hours per week — make processing information more difficult later in the day, he said, and taking video game breaks helps relax and motivate him, giving him more energy to work into the evening.

Bauer isn’t the only one slinging birds via touchscreen at the office. Many employees are taking their video game hobby to the office, as longer hours and project-based work make it easier to fit in a few minutes of play during the work day.

Problem solving

Be strategic about when to take a video game break. The best time to play is during periods when you’re less productive, like the afternoon lull, or when boredom sets in.

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