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Advantages of Employee Engagement Software for Tech Companies

Tech companies have experienced an increase in employment in recent years. An annual CompTIA report found that tech employment now accounts for nearly 8 percent of the U.S. workforce, having added more than 260,000 jobs in 2018 alone.

The use of digital solutions to make processes more efficient has been proven by tech companies focused on innovation. There are still some unique opportunities for tech companies to create an environment that engages employees and positions them for optimal productivity and growth as the industry expands.

Engaging employees is a highly valuable tool that allows tech companies to reap the benefits of a highly engaged workforce. Here are six benefits of employee engagement software for tech companies:

Advantages of Employee Engagement Software for Tech Companies

Increases Data-Driven Decision-Making

For making key business decisions, tech companies rely on big data, analytics, and other quantitative methods because they're in the business of finding solutions to today's problems. When managing the workforce, this approach is also quite effective, and employee engagement software can facilitate better talent management decisions.

Because employee engagement software collects qualitative and quantitative employee feedback and delivers actionable insights, it helps companies make better decisions about their employees, teams, and culture.

Through employee engagement software, every employee can submit feedback scores for their peers, managers, and subordinates, providing much more information than a traditional survey or performance review would. Some examples of talent management decisions that are supported by employee engagement software include:


Helps Reduce Employee Burnout

The employees of tech companies are so focused on innovation and meeting customer needs that they can easily become burnt out.

A recent survey found that close to 60 percent of tech employees are burned out. Rather than simply reacting after employees have become burnt out and their performance has deteriorated, tech companies can take a more proactive approach with a reliable engagement platform. A good employee engagement tool identifies frustrated employees, burned out employees, and employees who need more hands-on leadership before they cease to be effective or leave the organization.

When company leaders receive feedback that identifies pain points or areas where employees need more support, they can take action before workplace stress takes hold. Equipped with information gleaned from employee feedback, managers can address issues proactively, by taking actions such as:

  • Establishing training for supervisors to help them more effectively lead their teams
  • Engaging in follow-up conversations with employees who may be feeling overworked or underappreciated
  • Reorganizing select teams for greater efficiency

Highlights Employee Standouts

Tech companies that are successful have many highly talented employees, many of whom have advanced degrees, qualifications, and skills. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to identify individual contributors with management potential or those who inspire others and have the greatest impact on employee engagement.

employee engagement software enables companies to identify individuals with leadership potential, those who are ready for expanded leadership responsibilities, and those who need coaching or training.

Identifying all of your company's assets allows you to develop a plan for elevating those who possess unique strengths and skills, and supporting those who may be struggling. In some cases, employees may be "silent superstars" that need more recognition from senior leaders, while in others they may be upwardly focused and need coaching on how to become more accountable to their peers.

Employee engagement software identifies those employees who stand out so that company leaders can identify them and help them develop before they (or their coworkers) become disengaged or leave.


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Ensures Effective Employee Engagement Activities

Tech talent is in high demand. Research by the Consumer Technology Association found that the vast majority of surveyed employers (92 percent) expressed a growing need for skilled tech workers. To retain existing staff and attract new talent, tech companies must be particularly vigilant when it comes to talent engagement initiatives.

Tech companies are well-known for creating a work culture aimed at keeping employees engaged. Many offer benefits such as flexible hours, free lunch, pet-friendly offices, game rooms, and more, all designed to drive engagement and productivity. Employee engagement software helps measure the degree to which those benefits actively support employee engagement, or whether employees see them simply as “nice to haves.”


Supports More Effective Workplace Communication

The tech industry is known for its nimbleness. Nevertheless, they cannot keep pace without good communication and the ability to discuss and resolve workplace issues. Employee engagement software supports workplace communication because it unearths issues that may be festering within teams or among coworkers. Some employees may feel frustrated by a manager who doesn't provide enough information about important initiatives.

New product development may be slowed by a lack of collaboration between certain teams. With feedback provided by engagement software, managers have the opportunity to identify areas where mixed signals or duplicate efforts are hampering team effectiveness.

By using an engagement platform that delivers feedback to every employee, it’s easier to get to the heart of communication issues, discuss them with individual employees, and resolve them before they become a major roadblock to success. When that happens, employees are able to grow in engagement and their commitment to the company. Research shows that when employees are more engaged, they’re also more productive. A Gallup study found that engaged work teams are 21 percent more productive than less engaged teams.


Guides Targeted Workforce Investments

In order to grow, every company must ensure that employees have the training and development they need to succeed. Tech companies, in particular, rely on employees with the most up-to-date digital skills. And given the need to compete for top tech talent, it’s important not to miss out on key opportunities to make the right investments in people—investments that will help the company retain them.

In addition to strengthening employee skills and knowledge, employee engagement software helps identify areas that will deliver the greatest ROI. 360-degree feedback, for example, identifies employees who could benefit from soft skills training, coaching, and mentoring. You can invest in employee growth in a targeted and timely manner when you know each employee's development needs.

In addition to tracking employee engagement, employee engagement software drives actions to promote engagement and all the positive outcomes it produces, such as higher productivity, stronger teamwork, and improved management abilities. By delivering feedback through an engagement platform, tech companies can also learn what's working in the workplace, what's not, and how to help employees perform at their best.


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