Employee Appreciation Software

Lift office morale and create a better work culture by easily giving your employees some well-deserved tool.

Complete visibility and versatility

Executives, directors, and managers are constantly seeking ways to gain visibility into every detail of their business from the people they lead. The feedback and employee performance metrics collected in Vite can be viewed, responded to, passed up the ladder, sorted, and analyzed for trends that can improve performance management strategies.

Celebrate moments with full team

Who doesn’t love a cake or chocolate on the birthday (or work anniversary) from a manager or colleague? With our “We are one team by Vite” employee recognition software, employees can simply and quickly @mention a colleague and wish them on that special day. Instant peer recognition improves team communication while boosting morale.

Check-in with your remote team from anywhere

How can managers motivate and support remote employees they never even see? With the right feedback tools to fuel your remote management strategy. We designed our beautiful iOS and Android app, with high-functioning remote teams in mind. So managers can create a culture where employees feel heard, stay productive, and remain accountable, even from far away with live interactive tools.

Less admin time, more review completions

Best-Self expenses upload can all be easily managed and tracked from one beautifully designed dashboard. HR can view company-wide expenses, send reminders, and drill-down into every expense review. Managers and employees can see their progress and also nudge someone to complete their expense sheet on time.

Sales Automation Solution

40% of business leaders buy software to automate tasks


Contacts Management

Manage all your contacts at single place.


Leads Management

Manage all leads and sales team data ceneterally with advance reports.


Expense Management

Maanage field team expense and design workflow for approval.


Digital technologies — including AI, the cloud, data analytics,IOT and mobile — are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces for businesses across all industries. These technologies are fundamentally changing how consumers interact with businesses, while opening new business models.



Showcase your expertise and generate new revenue streams.



Digital transformation for your enterprise in a scalable, thoughtful way.



Discover new opportunities to promote services and generate additional revenue.

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